Built By Us - recruiting the best diverse talent for the construction sector


Our Vision

BBU has a vision that by 2030 it will have played an active role in the creation of a diverse UK construction sector, which both reflects the society it serves and draws on the talents of a diverse workforce.

What we do

BBU is on a mission to connect diverse talent to construction businesses.

BBU believes in investing in diverse talent. If you want to make a start or a change to your career we are here to help. 

BBU is committed to making social impact easier for businesses. We are passionate about helping you find the skill your projects need.

About Us

Built By Us is a not-for-profit consultancy based in London that specialises in the construction sector. We support and place candidates wishing to create a career in construction, we work with businesses to find the talent they need, make positive impact and delight their clients.


For more on what makes Built By Us unique download our brochure (PDF).