How the Career Design Canvas could help you

Built By Us was delighted to host the first in its series of Making It careers workshops in London, in May and in partnership with Build Studio. The workshop brought together a diverse range of people all with a shared curiosity about potential careers in construction and a passion for the built environment.

Participants in Making It were introduced to a new tool developed by Built By Us called the Career Design Canvas. This tool was inspired by the work of Alexander Osterwalder and the innovative Business Model Canvas, which helps entrepreneurs capture their idea on one page and has taken the business world by storm.

The Career Design Canvas has been designed to help individuals capture the essential components of their career succinctly, encouraging users to focus on strengths and resources which can then be used to:

  • Create a career action plan

  • Identify strengths and areas for attention

  • Plan potential next steps in career development

  • Form the framework for a CV or LinkedIn profile refresh

The canvas asks 11 questions, here are five that could help you to design the career you want:

1. Where are you now and where do you want to be?

These two questions are important for everyone, however, there are significant implications for those considering a career change. So often I meet people who are experiencing dissatisfaction in their career but they may find it difficult to pinpoint an area for change and therefore opt for wholesale change. These questions help individuals to move beyond short-term fixes to look at the bigger picture.

2. What is your USP?

In addition to a section on Experience and Skills, the tool allows you to add information on the interests, passions and values that could be brought to the fore on your journey to your ideal role or career.

3. Potential opportunities

It’s likely that the places where you’ll be able to take your career to the next level or fulfil your goals already exists. Which are the companies, organisations or individuals that you admire or would like to work for? What can you learn from them?

4. Sharing your story

Online platforms offer a myriad of places to share and demonstrate your skills, experience and interests. Which ones would suit you for sharing your story with potential supporters, connections and employers?

5. Who’s in your network?

I meet very few people that “love” networking as an activity, but I am surprised by how many people allow their negative beliefs about networking to get in the way of meeting and connecting with new people. Growing your network and understanding its reach is as important as attaining the skills needed to pursue your ideal career.

If you think the Career Design Canvas could be helpful to you, click here to download your free copy.