Built By Us - Mentor Training

Welcome to International Mentoring Month! This year, we’re celebrating with the launch of the Built By Us mentor training sessions. These sessions draw on Built By Us’ unique experience of mentoring in built environment industries and are available on request for organisations looking to develop their own mentoring schemes, or individuals hoping to develop their mentoring skills.

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With over six years’ experience in creating lasting, productive mentoring relationships, Built By Us has developed a formula for helping both mentee and mentor get the most out of their partnership. Drawing on our unique experiences, the sessions focus first on developing an understanding of diversity in construction. They explore how mentoring schemes such as the FLUID Diversity Mentoring Programme are designed to help industry professionals from all backgrounds succeed in their careers.

Through the sessions, attendees will be given the skills they need to ensure a positive, fulfilling mentoring experience. These skills have been developed through Built By Us’ successful mentoring programmes and tailored to attendee’s needs. Sessions include among other topics The Mentor Mindset, Tips and Tools, Diversity and Leadership and more.

Attendees will also have the chance to meet other new and experienced mentors and mentees to share experiences and grow their network.

Following the training session, individuals will understand how best to build a one-to-one partnership, encouraging and inspiring mentees’ continued professional development.

To find out how Built By Us can help you train your mentors email us at support@builtbyus.org.uk