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The Shape Programme


What is SHAPE

The SHAPE Mentoring Programme for Built Environment Entrepreneurs is a business and leadership diversity mentoring programme and follows in the tracks of the highly successful FLUID Diversity Mentoring Programme.


Why Shape?

Feedback from FLUID mentees has highlighted the desire for a mentoring programme to support construction specialists and consultants wishing to start their own businesses or needing help in the early years.

Just 3% of SME construction businesses are led by people of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds and 13% are women led.

Source: the BIS Longitudinal Small Business Survey Year 1 (2015): SME employers (May 2016)

The SHAPE programme has been designed to support the sustainability and growth of businesses lead by ambitious and diverse talent in the construction sector.




How SHAPE works?

SHAPE is a one-to-one developmental mentoring programme. It is run over a 12-month cycle and will connect mentees with mentors, drawn from a variety of backgrounds, experience and knowledge bases and matched with those wishing to found businesses and or businesses owners.

SHAPE aims to assist a diverse range business profiles who are pre-start-up or within 4 years of start-up and engaged in craft, consultancy or the development of buildings, spaces and places.

The FLUID and the SHAPE mentoring programmes are founded by Danna Walker, and are run as part of social enterprise Built By Us whose mission is to grow diversity in the construction sector.


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