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We are passionate about inclusive workplaces, which we define as ones which are able to attract and retain diverse talent allowing both the individual and businesses to thrive.

Whether you need a new approach, new interventions or a bespoke plan for action - we're uniquely placed to help. By working closely with you  we help you understand the context, identifying the challenges you face but also the opportunities for growth.

Image courtesy of  Susanne Hakuba

Image courtesy of Susanne Hakuba


Are you seeking new talent to undertake learning or employment opportunities within your business?

BBU takes a strategic approach to every assignment effectively searching for and selecting the best talent for you. We work best when we understand your business which is why we take the the time  to get to know you, allowing us to identify the people you really need, and make a good match.

Your needs are unique and so is our approach. Anyone can find you someone with a qualification, but not everyone can find you someone with the talent to make the most of an opportunity.

Our in-depth understanding of the sector also allows us to introduce you to talent you didn't know you needed until you meet them. They're often the individuals who add the most value!

Talent = learning capacity + persistence

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Leadership mentoring

There are a number of definitions for mentoring, most of which contain words such as ‘support’, ‘learning’, ‘nurturing’ and ‘realising potential’. Mentoring is an impactful and increasingly popular strategy to help develop leadership skills and nurture talent.


Mentoring programmes are an effective way to provide learner led approach to skills development opportunities for new or experienced practitioners with benefits for everyone from trainees to senior managers.

BBU runs Inclusive Intelligence, a mentoring workshop for managers and leaders in construction and the built environment and the FLUID Diversity Mentoring Programme a 12-month programme which supports career development.

Contact us to find out how you can get involved, support our programmes or get the expertise needed to set up an in-house programme.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn”

— Benjamin Franklin