For Employers

At Built By Us, we understand that finding the right person can be a challenging process. Your needs are unique and so is our approach, anyone can find you someone with a qualification, but not everyone can find you someone with the talent to make the most of an opportunity.

Talent = learning capacity + persistence

BBU work with communities to discover hidden talent, we meet and vet all of our applicants and provide them with a range of support so that they are prepared for application and work ready. 

Our approach is to ENGAGE, SUPPORT and CONNECT candidates with potential to businesses seeking the right match.


Inclusive Recruitment +

We make it our business to understand our clients, their needs and aspirations.

We offer a full recruitment and support service along with advice & support on how to create an inclusive work environment.


Learning and Development

There are a number of definitions for mentoring, most of which contain words such as ‘support’, ‘learning’, ‘nurturing’ and ‘realising potential’.

Mentoring is a useful and increasingly popular approach to help develop skills and nurture talent.